Ojai Tea Hut

Just north of Los Angeles in the lovely town of Ojai is Ojai Tea Hut. A cozy and intimate little tea space nestled down a quiet garden path that feels much like a Western roji, or “dewy path.” We host several ceremonies throughout the week, tastings and occasionally have workshops as well. Everyone in the community is warm and kind, full of tea spirit and the hospitality is unmatched. Come join us for some tea.

Cha Dao: The Way of Tea

Cha Dao offers a way of being that can transform how we live our daily lives, cultivated through the practice of preparing, serving, and drinking tea. 

When we sit in ceremony, we practice slowing down, becoming quiet, and mindfully enjoying tea. 

Called the “great connector,” tea is known to dissolve barriers. As we sit with tea, we let go of daily tensions and deepen our connection with ourselves, with one another, and with Nature. In the process, we make space for wisdom and clarity to enter.

As we develop our practice, a lasting sense of peace arises as our minds become less cluttered and we become more present to our lives.

In essence, the Way of Tea helps us remember that we are each and all part of the one great and mysterious Whole.

Our Lineage

We practice Cha Dao, or the Way of Tea, in the tradition taught by Global Tea Hut root teacher Wu De. Originating in ancient China, Tea began its journey as a plant spirit medicine used by Shamans and Daoists to heal the body, mind, and spirit. Eventually, this Leaf found its way to the high mountaintops of Southern China where countless monasteries would surface. Together, Zen and Tea became essential tools within the daily practice of Buddhist monks. Our lineage continues this sacred tradition of tea, offering healing and connection to people around the world.