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Back to the Earth

Back to the Earth

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Our shou cake for 2022 is from Zhang Jia San Dui (章家三队) a village in Bulang. This tea comes from old trees that grow naturally nearby. The fermentation is very special. It is conducted in relatively small batches of around 600 kilograms. Rather than being piled on the floor, it is fermented in large baskets that are raised up off the floor to allow for more even temperature control. This lends it a woody and earthy flavor, as well as a smoothness not common in new shou puerh. It is far more mellow than most new shou teas. Back to the Earth is smooth, bright and clean with a rooted, centered Qi. It is perfect for drinking or aging. The old growth material and unique, involved piling make Back to the Earth a bit more expensive, but it is worth every penny.

Each cake is approximately 245 grams.

[split] 2022 Bulang Shou Cake

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