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Euphony is a traditionally-processed oolong from Li Shan (梨山), “Pear Mountain,” in Taiwan. All tea is its environment. As Wu De often says, “The leaf is the tree’s expression of its relationship with its environment.” A healthy environment is a requirement of fine tea, in other words. Grown at almost 2,000 meters above sea level, this beautiful garden is a great place for tea.

Euphony comes from a small, artisanal and organic farm full of rich minerals, daily mists and plenty of rain. There is nice biodiversity there with plenty of undergrowth, flowers, insects and wildlife. The altitude also affects the tea, creating a strong uplifting energy and beautiful aroma. This tea is made from Qing Xin (青心), or “Gentle Heart” varietal trees, which thrive at this altitude.

Euphony was masterfully processed and charcoal-roasted in the traditional way. All of Master Tsai’s teas sit for several months, allowing the roast to cool down and creating a full-bodied and complex aroma and flavor, without any trace of the roast itself. The ideal roast does not leave any roasted or burnt flavor, but rather brings out the potential of the tea. The quality of oolong tea is as much in the processing as it is in the raw material (terroir and season).

Like Melody and Chorus, Euphony is gorgeous. It is a masterpiece of a Taiwanese oolong made from wonderful tea and crafted so well. Each cup is transcendently complex, pulling you in as layer upon layer of fragrance and aroma carry you away. All of the teas from this farm, processed with such passion, are amongst our all-time favorite teas.

[split] 2021 Li Shan High Mountain Taiwanese Oolong

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