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Juju-Be is a wonderful blend of aged shou puerh teas from the 1990s and a shou brick from 2006 that is called “jujube fragrance” by the collector who has stored it since then. The blend is rich and deep and full of energy. The flavor the younger tea brings is matched by the earthiness and aged flavors of the older shou teas mixed in. Then, we added some organic dried Chinese red dates (jujubes). They have been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to bring calm and relaxation and to tranquilize formulas. This tea is great steeped, but really shines when boiled. You can age it more if you want, but it is well-balanced and ready to drink. We love putting red dates into cauldrons at the end of a boiled tea session (or sometimes sidehandle). We have some local dates for sale here.

Each bag is 125 grams.

[split] Blend of Aged Shou Puerh & Organic Red Dates

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