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Ma Bao

Ma Bao

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Ma Bao means “Malaysian Treasure.” It is one of our all-time favorite Liu Bao teas, and we are super excited to share some with you. Liu Bao tea and Malaysia share a destiny, though distant in space and time. Like much of us, raised far from the home of Tea, Malaysia and Liu Bao were fated to be in love. Liu Bao tea is very suitable for drinking in the Malaysian climate, which is warm and humid. It is smooth, cooling and comfortable to drink in the weather there. What is also interesting, though, is that Liu Bao tea ages much better in Malaysia than in southern China or Hong Kong. Of course, Malaysians all think that tea ages better there as well, but standing back, one can appreciate the differences between the traditional puerh storage areas of Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Taiwan as just different, and each with its own positive and negative characteristics. Malaysian-stored tea is much more even-keeled, smooth and steady, which really reflects the climate there. Malaysia is also very steady, and besides a short rainy season (usually in December), doesn’t see much fluctuation in temperature and humidity over long periods.

And that is the main reason that Ma Bao is so special: It was stored in Malaysia from its creation to the present. Many Liu Bao teas were kept for some time in Guangxi, and then often in Hong Kong as well, before making their way to Malaysia. But this unique tea was purchased brand new and stored in Malaysia ever since. This lends it a unique flavor unlike other Liu Bao teas of a similar age—it is smoother, brighter and also longer lasting.

Ma Bao is a beautiful tea with all the characteristic flavors of Liu Bao teas. It is deep, dark and rich, and if you have experience drinking various aged Liu Bao teas, you will indeed notice the smooth and consistent Malaysian storage, which highlights the tea’s steady pulse. We find this tea very moving, and especially enjoy it in the early evening, when you have lots of time to relax and share some space with friends—a space we are so honored to share with you all now.
[split] 1990s Liu Bao
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