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Mountain View

Mountain View

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Mountain View is a glorious 2022 winter oolong from Li Shan. It is grown on a fully organic farm 2,000 meters above sea level. The winter harvest is thought by some to be of superior quality since the cooler temperatures and plentiful mist result in thick, succulent leaves. Tea trees like to absorb moisture from the atmosphere and thus thrive during this time. Also, since the mists cover the sun, the buds sprout more slowly, which makes the tea higher in amino acids and sweeter as well. That said, the winter liquor tends to be lighter, capturing the crispness of the season, but it does have a nice green umami. We love this tea in the afternoon of a spring day, brewed gongfu or a few leaves added to a bowl to watch slowly unfurl.

Each packet is 50 grams.

[split] Organic Winter 2022 Li Shan Oolong

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