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Purple Moon

Purple Moon

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Purple Moon is a beautiful, mystical and magical purple Dian Hong from Feng Qing. This tea comes from fully wild, old-growth trees grown at very high altitudes (above 2000 meters). These trees have purple buds, which is caused by pigments in the leaves called “anthocyanins.” These pigments protect leaves from high UV, but can also be passed on genetically. The purple tint is in the buds and then only stays in some of the mature leaves. This tea is very different from the other purple tea we have shared in the past, called “Evening Sky,” which comes from Dehong. Both teas are processed like red tea (the “hong/red” in “Dian Hong”), but Purple Moon is lighter, more Yin. The liquor here is golden and delicate, subtle and more fragrant. The altitude makes this tea crisper, more open and ethereal, with a divine fragrance and light, drifting and open energy.


[split] Wild Feng Qing Purple Dian Hong

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