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Quicksilver is hands down the best white tea we have ever had. It is a Silver Needle white tea made from the white-haired buds of ancient tea trees. These are the same garden of old-growth trees in Wuliang Mt. Yunnan that are used to make Boundlessness, which is an incredible sheng puerh. A few years back, Master Tsai Yizhe, whose Tea Mountain Preservation Society stewards that garden, noticed that several of the trees had the mutation which makes Silver Needle white tea: white, downy buds covered in silvery hairs. After some training from white tea masters and a few years to get the hang of the processing, which involves a slow drying and oxidation, they were finally ready to release a small quantity of this epic Silver Needle tea, Quicksilver. It has all the flavors of a typical Silver Needle, but is made of larger, juicier buds from ancient Yunnan trees full of energy and vibrancy that most white teas lack. This isn’t just our favorite white tea, it is amongst our favorite teas ever!
Each bag is 75 grams.

[split] Old-Growth Silver Needle White Tea Wuliang Mt. Yunnan

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