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Red Pine

Red Pine

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Red Pine is one of the most glorious dian hong teas we have found to date. It is from the late 1990s, region unknown… It has some storage, making it deep, dark, earthy and explosive. It is musty for the first few steepings, but not overbearingly so, which is the kind of traditional storage we appreciate. And the last thing in is the first thing out, so after a few steepings the mustiness goes and the berries, fruit and melon flavors start to unfold in all their glory—like other dian hong teas but more mature. The energy of this tea is powerful and deep, central and lasting.

We decided to name this tea after one of the most influential authors and translators of our lives, and honorary Global Tea Hut member, Bill Porter, a.k.a. “Red Pine.” Raise a cup for his longevity and happiness!

[split] Late 1990s Dian Hong

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