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Song Zhong

Song Zhong

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Phoenix Mountain lies to the north of Chaozhou in Guang Dong Province. This small tea-growing region has peaks that reach up to 1,500 meters above sea level in a very temperate and tropical region with average temperatures of 18–22 degrees Celsius. The history of tea production in this area is ancient and rich, straying off the pages of record into legends and lore passed down through generations of farmers, merchants and tea lovers. The oldest and most famous varietal of tea from Phoenix Mountain is referred to as “Song Zhong,” or “Song Varietal,” and locals say it is the same type of tree the emperor drank. These trees are related to the Shuixian varietal, which originated in Wuyi. “Dancong” literally means “single bush,” because tea there was famously harvested and processed from individual trees. A single tree’s tea was collected and separated, processed in its own way and then sold in the quantity it produced that year. These separate tree teas became famous in the tea world. Each tree then had its own name, often based on the fragrance of the tea.

This tea is delicate, fragrant and incredibly uplifting. It was harvested in the spring of 2021 from old-growth Song Zhong trees. We are fortunate to have this exquisite tea in our cups. It is delicate with a flowery orchid aroma that is powerful and long-lasting. There is a whole afternoon of bliss in this tea.
[split] 2021 Old-Growth Dancong Oolong
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