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White Cloud

White Cloud

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This is an amazing aged wild white tea from 100- to 200-year-old trees in Quanzhou, Fujian, near Anxi. These old wild trees are deep in the forest and come from similar gardens as those we visited on our 2018 Annual Global Tea Hut Trip to Anxi. These old wild trees are offshoots of Shuixian varietal brought to the area long ago. Most of this tea is made into oolong, but we always wondered what it would be like to leave this wild tea unprocessed, with just withering and sun-drying. The results are stunning. This tea is not only phenomenally delicious, it is brimming with forest Qi and wild roots. It is a wonderful tea for brewing leaves in a bowl.

Each bag is 50 grams.


[split] 2011 Old-Growth White Tea Quanzhou Fujian

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