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Wind in the Pines

Wind in the Pines

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Wind in the Pines is one of those rare and magical teas that blows through our lives, bringing new and exciting vistas to our tea journey. How rare it is to find a green tea this old! Yes, green tea can be aged; and yes, it is great. However, it does take a long time to age well since the young leaves have such a high moisture content. This means it will essentially have to slowly dry out over many years before it begins to oxidize and mature. During much of this drying period, the tea will taste awkward and “stale,” which is why so little green tea is aged to such splendor as this tea.

Its identity also helps us age this tea. Sencha was produced in Taiwan after the war to export to Japan. In the 1970s, the domestic market in Taiwan started to grow and less and less producers made sencha until it was ultimately all gone.

Wind in the Pines is complex, sweet, sour, deep and speaks of simpler thatched-roof times. It is an epic tea with all kinds of lessons to be had in its cups. You can taste the green tea body, taste the age and the storage. What a wonderful tea!

[split] 1960s/70s Taiwanese Sencha

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